Welcome to My Girlfriends Closet. 

Our Mission is to offer free new and gently used formal attire to make attending the prom affordable.  We provide stylish prom attire for young women and men, at no charge, in an inviting boutique-like "shopping" experience.
                                          Boutique is open the following days
               Friday, March 25 from 4 to 8 pm  & Saturday, March 26 from 9 to 5pm
                Friday, April 1 from 4 to 8 pm & Saturday April 2 from 9 to 5 pm
                                                  at New Life Community Church
                                8155 W Thunderbird Road, Peoria, AZ 85381

My Girlfriends Closet: 

Touching someone’s life forever is as easy as donating now!  We accept gently used formal attire, Brides maids dresses, evening wear,  suits, tuxes, ties, shirts, shoes, and accessories.

Our goal is to make attending prom affordable for all Phoenix-area high school junior and senior students as well as make it an event in their lives to remember.

 We are looking for your donations of gently-used, prom dresses, brides maids dresses, stylish evening wear, party dresses, shoes, accessories (purses, belts, hats, jewelry) for the young ladies and formal wear for the young men.  These will be given to high school Juniors and Seniors for their prom night. 

Clean out your closet of evening wear you won’t wear again to help someone have the night of their life! 

My Girlfriends Closet is an all-volunteer project.  It is  supported by  Peoria North Rotary Club,GPS (Gals Prepared to Succeed),  Peoria Unified School District, Deer Valley Unified School District, Mountain Ridge High School Interact Club, Local Business and Individuals. 

A note from MaryAnne   I am often asked why? Why do we do this?
So let me share a few stories.  These are the stories that keep me going, because I know that what we do makes a difference. For every young person who comes to get an outfit - there is a story.  Sometimes the stories make me cry, sometimes they make me smile,  they always make me determine to keep this project going.  The hours of planning and organizing, the commitment my family makes, that our community makes, is enormous.  It is a ton of work... and it is worth it. 

I believe we are building self confidence in young people, by giving them the opportunity to dress up, to feel beautiful and to be special,  maybe for the first time in there life.  When you feel good about the way you look, it builds confidence.  When you have confidence, you make better decisions.  I believe that with self confidence and a good self image, students make better decisions.  Maybe they choose to stay in school or to not take drugs, maybe they learn how to give back to community and  to build a better future for themselves which ultimately provides a better community for all of us. 

The Stories   Several years ago we had a young woman and her father come to find a dress, I noticed them early in the day because of their smiles, every time I walked by them they smiled big smiles, and patiently waited for several hours.  When it came her turn to try on dresses, she was so sweet, she tried on several  dresses in each one she came out of the dressing room where she twrilled  for her father to see and help her decide which one. They were both so pleasant and so gracious, it was obvious they were really enjoying the moment. She found a beautiful dress and then selected a few accessories to match.  My husband Rob had been working in the steaming area and was bagging the dresses for the girls as they left. He had some time to talk with the father who shared with him their story.  It seems this girls mother had been ill with cancer for over two years. Financially and emotionally the family was devastated.  The father had cut back on work to care for the mother, they lived very modestly.  This young girl was a senior and did not go to the prom the year before because of the health and finances of her mother.  Mothers health had not improved and was not expected to, she wanted her daughter to go to prom.  Financially they could not have afforded it. Emotionally they need to. If not for this event, she would not have gone. Because of this event, smiles and joy touched the life of this family.

I told this story to a few girls last year who asked me why we did this event.  One of the girls said to me "You know, I would not be able to go to the prom without this help also, both my parents are drug addicts."

The point is we often don't know the stories, and there is a story for every student who comes.  Lets face it.  If I am in an affluent family and I can afford to go to a department store and get my new dress - I would.  And for those who can't we can make a difference. 

Stories about donations   I had a call from a woman who asked if I could come to her home to pick up her donation as she could not easily leave her home.  When I arrived she had over 10 beautiful new dress, all with the tags still on. They were new and trendy styles and she had some very nice mens clothing.   She told me she could not deliver them because her husband has dementia and she needed to stay with him.  She said the dresses were new, because she did not have anything in her closet that was appropriate for a girl for prom, she had gone out and purchased the dresses.  The men's clothing was her husbands, it seems they had been on many wonderful cruses over the years.  She said they would not be going on any more curses and could not think of a better place to donate to. I will never forget the smile as she helped me load the clothing in my car.  It does feel good to give.

So for every dress that hangs on a rack, for every suit or tie, there is a story of grace and giving.

Our Event was inspired by

The Cinderella Affair

 For more information, visit cinderellaaffair.org.
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